No Buses? No Problem.

CarpooltoSchool enables simple, safe and community-based transportation for students.

CarpooltoSchool offers school administrators the ability to leverage technology to offer diverse, low maintenance resources parents need to organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools.

Safe and Secure

Unlike other ridesharing platforms where anyone can register as a driver. With CarpooltoSchool the school administration approves who has access to the platform ensuring that only parents, approved guardians, student drivers can organize pooling options.

Easy to Manage

Receive automated notification emails when parents request authentication and leverage our live chat and toll free 800 number customer support to answer any and all questions keeping staff focused on other school priorities.

Community Driven

With the ability to find a match in seconds and to advertise school activities, parents connect to other parents not in their immediate social network and whose children share similar interests to their own building a stronger parent community and creating opportunities for new friendships for their children.

CarpooltoSchool is trusted by schools everywhere.

CarpooltoSchool’s secure cloud-based solution makes it easy for parents and other approved users to plan and manage transportation pools for their children, our platform features:

A single online platform for planning and managing carpools, bikepools and walkpools eliminating the need to juggle emails and play phone tag.

Integrated calendar options enabling flexible scheduling for one-time, recurring and seasonal transportation-pools.

Budget-friendly pricing and built-in analytics help administrators monitor adoption and measure success.

All customer support provided by CarpooltoSchool, both online and over the phone.

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